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How To Attract Listings When Advertising For Real Estate Leads!

advertising for real estate

The potential for financial gain in real estate is common knowledge, however, it is a bit crowded.  And when marketing and real estate collide, there’s no time for antiquated methods. To generate real estate leads and THRIVE in this industry, you must employ cutting-edge real estate marketing strategies.

Advertising For Real Estate Leads- The Stats

Over eighty percent or more of new real estate brokers fail during the first five years in business as they fail to generate real estate leads.   For the most part, this is because they are advertising for real estate leads, they are clueless about how to increase their lead generation. 

Knowing how to generate real estate leads is a skill that every real estate agent needs to learn.  Unless you learn how to generate your own real estate leads, you will be at the mercy of your broker’s marketing team and their decisions regarding what they think will work best for you.  The problem with that is that 99% of the time their ideas are not going to be what works best for YOU!

Knowing how to generate real estate leads is not easy and it takes time and effort but it’s worth it!

Social Factors To Consider When Advertising For Real Estate Leads

advertising for real estate“Social factors—our attitudes, values, ethics, and lifestyles—influence what, how, where, and when people purchase products or services. They are difficult to predict, define, and measure because they can be very subjective. They also change as people move through different life stages.

People of all ages have a broader range of interests, defying traditional consumer profiles. They also experience a “poverty of time” and seek ways to gain more control over their time. Changing roles have brought more women into the workforce.  This development is increasing family incomes, heightening demand for time-saving goods and services, changing family shopping patterns, and impacting individuals’ ability to achieve a work-life balance. In addition, a renewed emphasis on ethical behavior within organizations at all levels of the company has managers and employees alike searching for the right approach when it comes to gender inequality, sexual harassment, and other social behaviors that impact the potential for a business’s continued success.”

Identifying Your Ideal Client When Advertising For Real Estate Leads

When advertising for real estate leads, you have to understand your target audience.advertising for real estate

1. Are you targeting families or single people?

2. What is the average income level of your potential clients?

3. Where do they live?

4. What are their interests and hobbies?

5. How old are they?



Let’s take a look at three types of potential clients—and how to market yourself accordingly:

What Exactly Do They Do For A living?

Advertising for real estateYou may get an idea of the type of sale you want to produce from your customer based on what they do for a living, whether they are working professionals or businessmen, and what type of customer they are.

More importantly, however, when you are marketing yourself/advertising for real estate leads, you should position yourself to align with your target audience’s attributes and lifestyle goals.  Remember, you should sell the outcome, not your service.   Your first impression of your target audience will make or break whether they list with you or another agent. 

Do They Have Any Hobbies? If Yes, what are They?

advertising for real estateWhen advertising for real estate leads, it’s important to know the hobbies of your target audience.  

Understanding your target audiences’ hobbies is another way to position yourself, and align yourself, with their attitude, characteristics, and lifestyle needs.

 Additionally, hobbies are a great way to connect with potential buyers as well.  If you can understand what they like and what they do in their free time, then you can tailor your advertising campaign to appeal to them.

What's their marital status like?

Is your target audience:

  • Married?
  • Single?
  • Have kids?
  • Widowed?


Why is it of such critical importance in a deal involving real estate?


When a lender is involved, a person’s marital status has an impact on the terms of any real estate transactions involving the sale of property or the acquisition of property. It will be a big factor when advertising for real estate leads.

Have children, or not?

advertising for real estateWhen advertising for real estate leads, knowing if your prospects have kids can have a big influence on your conversion rate.

It’s no secret that the decision to buy or sell a home is often a family affair. Parents and children alike are involved in the process, which means that they’re all potential leads. If you’re looking to reach more parents and their children, then it’s important to know who you’re targeting—and what their needs are.

So how do you find out if your prospects have kids? There are plenty of ways:

* Ask them directly when talking with them on the phone or via email

* Look up publicly available information about them online (e.g., Facebook)

* In your emails and other communication materials, use kid-friendly language (e.g., “We’d love to meet with you and your family”)

If You Could Sell to Anyone, Who Would It Be?

When advertising for real estate leads, it’s important to gather as much data as you can on your current clientele. This will help you understand what kinds of people are responding to your ads and what sorts of characteristics they share.

Once you have that information, consider the kind of person who would be most likely to respond to your ad.

What does this person look like?


  • How old are they?


  • Are they married?


  • Do they have children?


  • Do they live alone or with roommates?


  • Where do they live now?


  • What’s their annual income?


All these factors will help you determine how to tailor your ad so it appeals most effectively to the customer you want to attract.

Collect this data to refine your advertisements and get a higher ROI when you are advertising yourself for real estate leads 

Combine Your Market Data When you Advertise For Real Estate Leads

Advertising for real estateAggregating market data means collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources. The goal is to create a comprehensive picture of the market as a whole, rather than just assessing one company’s performance.  

When advertising for real estate, with the intention of getting leads, this is a crucial step because it will help you make a customer persona.

Collect Your Thoughts and Sort Your Data

Okay, now that you’ve had some time to recharge and are ready to get back to work on those buyer personas, it’s time to put all of the research you’ve gathered into some kind of order. 

As you continue your investigation, start to seek commonalities between the many aims and difficulties you’ve identified. Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers that you use to better understand and appeal to your target market it will help you when advertising for real estate leads.

Use Your Aggregated Data To Create Personas When You Are Advertising For Real Estate Leads

After going over your findings and organizing them, you may start thinking about how many buyer personas to create.

Keep in mind that you can wait to cover everyone. If you’re just getting started with inbound marketing and aren’t familiar with buyer personas yet, it may be most practical to focus on the most lucrative market segments for your products or services.

As you gain experience with your marketing approach and collect more information about your leads and prospects, you can always add to or modify your buyer personas.

It is up to you and your business to decide how to divide up your customer base into different personas

What Is a Customer Persona?

Advertising For Real EstateA buyer persona is a fictional character that possesses the characteristics of an ideal customer for a particular business. One business might have several personas depending on different audience groups. Simply put,  businesses develop buyer personas as fictional characters that represent different groups of people with similar needs, goals, and circumstances.   The personas help businesses understand their customers’ needs and preferences and pitch the product or service

When using the Facebook platform to run ads, for example, more than 50% of your success depends on the right targeting. For that purpose, effective personas are indispensable, and we will guide you step-by-step to create effective personas that improve ROI and increases lead generation.

How To Create A Customer Persona When Advertising For Real Estate Leads!

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Final Words

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How To Attract Listings When Advertising For Real Estate Leads!