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Advertising For Real Estate With Intent To Generate Real Estate Leads

Real estate is a local business.

Most real estate advertising isn’t effective.

You can change this.

In this article you will learn how to generate real estate leads when you are advertising for real estate (whether you are promoting Properties or marketing yourself) 

Advertising For Real Estate

Generate Real Estate Leads When Marketing For Real Estate

Advertising For Real EstateWhen advertising for real estate, whether you are marketing yourself or promoting a property, did you know that it takes your prospects up to FIVE TIMES  of seeing an advertisement before they take action?

Consistent advertising is important for every business because it allows them to build their brand, create a relationship with their customers and build trust. 

This is important to you as a real estate agent, especially if you are advertising for real estate leads, because it gives you the opportunity to build up a customer base, and reach out to new audiences!

Advertising For Real Estate With The Intent To Create A Brand

There are over three million active real estate licensees in the USA, and 68% of realtors registered as a salesperson:


Do you have a chance to stand out from the crowd?

With effective branding, marketing, and advertising strategy, you do!


When advertising for real estate, whether it is with the intent to generate real estate leads or to create a real estate brand, the pro tips below is a great place to start!

Create & Leverage Your Brand When Advertising For Real Estate Leads

As a real estate salesperson, building your personal brand is indispensable. You cannot survive being just a salesperson or networking with them.

You must be an Authority Resource for your prospects –the one who has answers to their questions.


● You will have to work on Genuine Relationship Building with your prospects

● Provide them value by using different modes of communication


As a real estate agent, you have to develop your personal brand by playing all the notes correctly.  And, It is only possible by investing in personal branding.

Generate Real Estate Leads By Defining Your Target Audience First

Advertising For Real EstateThe starting point of branding is always defining the target audience. If you do not know your ideal buyer, how can you think of a strategy to grab their attention and hook them in?

Start with building a buyer persona.   As a newbie real estate salesperson, you can study different buyer personas in the industry and target them according to your expertise. For instance, there are first-time home buyers, flippers, investors, etc.

Make A Customer Persona When Advertising For Real Estate With Tthe Intent To Generate Real Estate Leads

Advertising For Real EstateA customer persona is a descriptive representation of your target audience. It helps you understand what your customers want, so you can build products and services that meet their needs.

To create a customer persona, you need to first define your target audience by creating a group profile that includes demographic data like age and gender, as well as psychographic data like values and interests. Then, use the data from this group profile to create a fictional person who represents your ideal customer. You should consider factors like how much time they have for learning new things about your product or service, what kind of information they’re likely to share online, and whether or not they’re open to hearing from brands on social media.

Look at the image below for an example of a customer persona!

Advertising For Real Estate

Solve Your Target Audiences Pain Points When Advertising For Real Estate Leads

Advertising For Real EstateThink of buyers’ pain points, perspectives, preferences, consumption of social media, motivating factors, etc.  The answer to these questions will collectively help you make a clear buyer persona.  If you have past experience, you can identify your target audience by writing down the similarities of buyers in your last 10 to 20 deals. Your target audience can be more than one kind of buyer

Additionally, position yourself as a leader and solution to your target audience’s pain point as well. 


Using all of these strategies together will help you generate real estate leads. 


Use The Steps Above To Start Positioning Yourself As A Leader When Advertising For Real Estate Leads

Advertising For Real EstateThe buyers have endless options in the market.  As a personal brand, you have to position yourself to be the leader. Leading does not mean that you have to be someone who leads a group of realtors.  Instead, it relates to building your authority in your space.  Be someone who has the answers to questions. When buyers come to ask questions, you must have the confidence, capability, and of course, answer their

When Advertising For Real Estate Leads, Build your Authority By...

1. Dedicate some time in a day to update yourself on the industry stats, data analytics, new progressions, laws, etc.  When you are knowledgeable, the prospects value you as an expert.

2. The power of the internet is beyond imagination. Build your brand online; register a domain and start posting value-driven content to enlighten your target audience. Also, leverage social media free platforms to attract customers.

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Advertising For Real Estate With Intent To Generate Real Estate Leads