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Advertising For Real Estate (FREE Tips & Tricks!)

advertising for real estate

Advertising For Real Estate

If you want to learn about advertising for real estate, and how to generate real estate leads, then you came to the right place! 

In this post, you are going to learn techniques that are used by the world’s top advertisers and you’re going to receive a free advertisement template as well. 

Advertising For Real Estate (Be Unique)

  • One important aspect of marketing yourself, and advertising for real estate in general, is using it as a tool to position yourself within the market.

It’s important to understand where your services fit into the current landscape of the industry.

  • What skills or services can you provide that no one else can?
  • How will you use these skills and services to differentiate yourself from other agents?


The key is to understand what makes you unique and how you can use that uniqueness to attract clients who are looking for what you offer.

But, how do you do that effectively?

Here are some tips.

1. Be FAB-ulous

FAB is an acronym that stands for:

  • Feature: As a real estate agent, and when you are marketing your service, the feature is you and how you position yourself against your competition.  You position yourself against your competition by communicating what your service does.  More importantly, however, you communicate what you do as a real estate agent THAT YOUR COMPETITOR DOES NOT and highlight your strengths with the intention of exposing your competitor’s weaknesses with the intention of making yourself look like the obvious and preferred option.
  • Advantage: What advantage do you have over your competition? Advertise your strengths and advantages to differentiate and position yourself against your competitors. 
  • Benefits: How will your prospects benefit from using your service instead of using a different real estate agent? Highlight the outcome of using your real estate service, what you will do for your prospects,  and THE OUTCOME THAT YOUR PROSPECTS SHOULD EXPECT from using your real estate service.  

When it comes to advertising for real estate, you are not only advertising your services or property, but you are also positioning yourself within the real estate market.  By using FAB,  you can increase your ROI when advertising for real estate by having a double-sided flyer with one side having the features, advantages, and benefits of your real estate service and the other side having your value proposition, comparative market analysis, and a brief summary about you! 

Using FAB To Generate Real Estate Leads

Advertising For Real EstateUse FAB to connect/empathize with your prospect’s emotions.

Emotions are the roots of your prospect’s pain points and motivations for selling or buying a property. Many people make purchases to achieve a specific feeling.

For example, people may purchase a property to achieve a feeling of success, feel safe, or secure a sense of retirement.

You might be asking yourself, “How do I create an emotional connection with my prospects with my marketing efforts?” The answer is simple: FAB selling and marketing.

FAB selling is so effective in marketing because buying and selling require trust between the buyer and seller.  Remember, it’s your job to help buyers and sellers with a life-changing decision….SELL THE OUTCOME, NOT YOUR SERVICE!

Now that you know what FAB marketing is, you probably want to know how to use it effectively in advertising for real estate.

  • Know the benefits that your prospects value and target them with emotions and facts.
  • Deliver value in the form of benefits that your prospect can’t get from anywhere else
  • Differentiate yourself by marketing your service in a way that separates you from your competition
  • Take a survey of 30 random people, not friends or family, and ask them what benefits they would want from a real estate agent.
  • Get in touch with your prospect’s motivation, listen, learn, and craft a FAB message that will have your prospect’s attention.


If you understand your prospects’ motivation and pain points then you can advertise the advantages, features, and benefits that you offer and your prospects will realize that using your service is better for their needs than any other real estate agent.

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Have FUN With Fallacies!

Fallacies, ESPECIALLY in advertising for real estate, are used to persuade a person to buy a product or use a service, such as your real estate service.   They are used to get the consumer to make a decision based on emotion rather than logic. 


Because people react faster than they can think.   And because people react faster than they can think, it is in your best interest to use logical fallacies in your advertising to make people react to them, which is exactly what you want!

Fallacies make people stop what they are doing and engage in advertisements because they pull on the heartstrings and play on humans’ most powerful influence on thought processes and decision-maker, our emotions.

Some common fallacies include:

Advertising For Real Estate

-Appeal to authority: The advertiser uses an authority figure to persuade the audience that they should buy their product. An example of this would be when a celebrity endorses a product or service.  Remember, position yourself as an authoritative figure in your local real estate market and leverage the power of fallacies in your marketing pursuits… (YES even when advertising for real estate!)

-Appeal to pity: The advertiser uses emotional appeals that evoke feelings of sympathy from the audience as a way to get them to buy a product. An example of this would be using pictures of starving children in an ad for food products or using images of abused animals in an ad for animal rescue organizations.

-Appeal to fear: The advertiser uses threats and/or warnings about what will happen if you don’t buy their product/service as a way to get you to make a purchase decision. An example of this would be ads that use scare tactics like “If you don’t buy our car, it will explode!” or “If you don’t use our shampoo, your hair will fall out!”

See For Yourself!

Take a look at that video below and see how some of the world’s greatest companies use fallacies in their advertisements to manipulate us to use their products and services! 

FREE Advertising For Real Estate Guide & Template

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Advertising For Real Estate

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Advertising For Real Estate (FREE Tips & Tricks!)