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How to Boost Home

a real estate agent salaryEvery real estate agent needs an effective marketing strategy in place to achieve massive growth.  Your marketing says a lot about your brand, values, and goals. You should be using marketing in a strategic way to highlight these areas of differences that separate your brand from the competition.

If you want to maintain enough clientele for a steady, full-time income as real estate agent, then read on to learn the best marketing tips for huge growth!


When marketing, you should keep the SMART goals in mind.

This is an acronym for:


When planning your marketing strategy, you always want to start with the desired end result in mind while also thinking about how your unique marketing campaign can be used as a stepping stone to meet your long-term goals.

This could be 2 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, or even one year from now. Each marketing campaign you have in place between these timeframes will serve as stepping stones to reach your ultimate goal – 5 years from now.

With that said, SMART goals is a clever goal-setting strategy to help you meet your short-term goals, thus helping you carry out your marketing plan efficiently and in a coordinated manner.







a real estate agent salaryIf you want a successful real estate marketing plan then you must get specific.  Every real estate marketing plan needs to have a specific end goal with specific actions to take to meet that goal.  If you have a goal like getting “30 customers,” for example, that is not very specific.

How specific you want to get is ultimately up to you. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to manage and achieve that goal.  Having said that, having broad goal will result in a messy, uncoordinated, and ineffective real estate agent marketing plan.

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A Real Estate Agent SalaryEach goal in your real estate marketing plan needs to be measurable. If your goal can’t be measured, then how are you going to analyze, learn, and optimize your marketing plan for success?

Measuring goals involves knowing how you’re making the progress you need to be a successful real estate agent and re-evaluating these goals when the need arises. What tactics are you using to measure your goals? How are you tracking them to make sure they are on the right path?

When you measure your goals, you can adapt them in a way that makes them more achievable and effective for your brand.

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A – Attainable

While it is great to set high expectations, every goal needs to be attainable.

If you have a goal to make a six-figure salary as a real estate agent, then that’s a great long-term goal, but remember this SMART goal strategy is for setting short-term realistic goals to help you achieve your long term goals.

Look at short term goals as stepping stones, you want each step to be within reach.

Ensure that each of your stepping stones is attainable in the near future.  You don’t want to climb a big rock at the very start – that is a long journey ahead. Start small with stepping stones, and you’ll make your way there strategically.

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R – Relevant

It is crucial to keep your marketing relevant to your target audience, the economy, and the current social climate.

For example, if you’re targeting 35-year-old women interested in high-end fashion and beauty, you want to keep your marketing message and branding relevant to them.


T – Time Based

A real Estate Agent SalaryBe timely with your marketing, and remember that your marketing campaigns are stepping stones of the bigger picture 5 years from now.

While everyone’s real estate agent marketing plans are different and vary from brand to brand, each one should be done in a timely manner.

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How to Boost Home