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Generate Real Estate Leads With This FAB-ULOUS Strategy!

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After Reading This Blog You Should Know How to Generate Real Estate Leads By:

  • Understanding the importance of the FAB selling method as a marketing strategy in real estate and the role to generate real estate leads
  • The difference between features, advantages, and benefits and its impact on advertising for real estate
  • Why realtors need to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering a unique selling proposition
  • The importance of empathizing with your prospect’s emotions when advertising for real estate
  • How to effectively use FAB when advertising for real estate
  • How to boost your sales with the FAB selling technique
  • Understand how to use the advantages and benefits of the property to promote features
  • How to build a FAB message to get your prospect’s attention
  • How to generate real estate leads when advertising for real estate

Here’s a FREE Strategy To Help You Generate Real Estate Leads In Your Community!

If you want to generate real estate leads, then it’s important to have a presence in the community.

You cannot generate real estate leads if nobody knows who you are. Additionally, when advertising for real estate, you will have a much higher conversion rate if you build personal relationships with people in your community first.

Step one: Host a neighborhood event.

Step two: Create flyers for the event.

Step three: Print those flyers and hang them around town.

Step four: Finally, when the event is over, spend five minutes making a video of the highlights from the event to share on social media.

You can generate real estate leads with this FREE strategy ESPECIALLY when you apply the method below! 

When Advertising For Real Estate, What is is The FAB Strategy?

You have probably used FAB selling at some time in your life without realizing it. The FAB technique is one of the most compelling and effective ways to sell.

This sales methodology is ideal for real estate agents as it is easier to communicate the features, advantages, and benefits of a property. The FAB selling method is an integral part of an effective marketing strategy.

Generate Real Estate LeadsThe FAB marketing strategy is HIGHLY effective when advertising for real estate, whether you are marketing a property or you are trying to generate real estate leads, this method will help! The FAB marketing strategy is a system that helps you to attract people to your business and convert them into clients.

The FAB marketing strategy is designed to help you get more business through social media and other digital platforms by providing a way for you to build relationships with potential customers. This type of marketing allows you to connect with people who are interested in buying or selling real estate in your area. It can also help you connect with agents who are looking for new listings or perhaps clients who are interested in buying a home from someone else in their area.



If YES, Then Let’s Dive In!



FAB is an acronym that stands for:

  • Feature: As a real estate agent, and when you are marketing your service, the feature is you and how you position yourself against your competition.  You position yourself against your competition by communicating what your service does.  More importantly, however, you communicate what you do as a real estate agent THAT YOUR COMPETITOR DOES NOT and highlight your strengths with the intention of exposing your competitors’ weaknesses with the intention of making yourself look like the obvious and preferred option.
  • Advantage: What advantage do you have over your competition?
  • Benefits: How will your prospects benefit from using your service instead of using a different real estate agent? Highlight the outcome of using your real estate service, what you will do for your prospects,  and WHAT YOUR PROSPECTS SHOULD EXPECT from using your real estate service.

When Advertising For Real Estate, Highlighlight Your Distinct Features!

 There are many features that real estate agents can use to differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

Additionally, when advertising for real estate listings, marketing the features is important because you can match the property characteristics with your prospects’ needs! 


Tip #1: Differentiate Yourself With Distinct Features  

Advertising For Real EstateOne way real estate agents can differentiate themselves is by offering services beyond just listing homes; they should be able to help people find financing options or even connect them with contractors if needed! This makes it clear that they’re there for more than just selling houses—they want to help people find homes where they’ll be happy living long-term too!



*PRO TIP: If you want to generate real estate leads then it is important to differentiate yourself from your competitors because the competition is fierce. There are many ways to do this, but one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is by having a website that showcases what you do in an engaging way. The best way to do this is through video content that shows off your business and what makes you unique.

Generate Real Estate Leads

Tip #2: Generate Real Estate With An Online Presence 

Generate Real Estate LeadsHave an online presence—don’t just rely on word-of-mouth advertising! Make sure your website has up-to-date information about what kinds of properties you specialize in (and where those properties are located).  Market yourself as a master digital marketer.  Additionally, build yourself a massive online following and differentiate yourself from your competitors by communicating that you are an online influencer.  When people want to list their property they will feel much safer with you knowing that you have many contacts and influence to have people buy properties and get listing sold! 


Generate Real Estate Leads

Tip #3: Honesty and Transparency to Generate Real Estate Leads 

Advertising For Real EstateBe honest about your processes.  When advertising for real estate, whether it’s for listings or properties, let people know exactly how much time it will take for their house to sell or how long it will take for them to close on their new home once they’ve found one. It’s better for them to be prepared than surprised by any delays or complications down the line!   There are so many fakes, phonies, and wannabes in this industry and if you take the time to just connect with your target audience, be one-on-one with them, and explain to them the step-by-step process that you are going to take to achieve your clients desired outcome then you will be in a better position than other real estate agents.   Remember to take your prospects step-by-step throughout the customers’ journey and sell the outcome, not your real estate service! 


Having said that, to generate real estate leads, it’s essential to understand that most prospects focus on the advantages, features, and benefits that real estate agents have to offer more than anything else.  And remember, this process also applies when advertising for real estate listings as well.

It is worth noting, however, regardless of how many features a real estate agent has, each element must have advantages and benefits.  If not, real estate agents will have a tough time differentiating themselves from their competition.

Real estate professionals have a problem with differentiation. Almost all realtors offer the same things, such as free home valuations or excellent service.  Because of the oversaturation of real estate agents, service differentiation is crucial for finding success as a real estate agent.

Unfortunately, prospects can’t know why they need to work with you without differentiation. We recommend finding a unique marketing proposition to boost your brand and increase your sales.


One way real estate agents can differentiate themselves from their competitors is by offering a strong community presence.  By engaging with the local community and declaring local expertise in specific neighborhoods and declaring specialized knowledge!


On that note, as a real estate agent, it’s crucial to understand all of the competitive features that you can offer so that you are aware of your advantages.


It’s vital that your prospects understand the benefits that they will receive as a result of choosing you as their real estate agent.

There are over 1.4 million real estate agents in the United States, what benefit(s) does your marketing audience receive from hiring you instead of your competition?

You have a real estate license, so what?

So do OVER ONE million other people.

Consider the following points when designing marketing materials for yourself:

  • What service features do you offer that differentiates you from your competition that also benefits your prospects?
  • Does your marketing communicate the benefits of your service to your target audience?
  • How does the target audience of your marketing campaign benefit from using you as their real estate agent more than your competition?


The great thing about FAB selling is that this technique can be used as a guideline for making excellent marketing strategies.

In fact, when used in marketing, FAB selling is so powerful that it has become a strategy used by the world’s strongest brands such as Walmart, Home Depot, Toyota, and many more.

Empathize With Your Prospect’s Emotions

Emotions are the roots of your prospect’s pain points, motivations for selling or buying a property. Many people make purchases to achieve a specific feeling.

For example, people may purchase a property to achieve a feeling of success, feel safe, or secure a sense of retirement.

You might be asking yourself, “How do I create an emotional connection with my prospects with my marketing efforts?” The answer is simple: FAB selling and marketing.

FAB selling is so effective in marketing because buying and selling require trust between the buyer and seller. Remember, it’s your job to help buyers and sellers with a life-changing decision.

How to Use FAB Selling in Marketing

Now that you know what FAB marketing is, you probably want to know how to use it effectively in marketing your real estate services.

  • Know the benefits that your prospects value and target them with emotions and facts.
  • Deliver value in the form of benefits that your prospect can’t get from anywhere else
  • Differentiate yourself by marketing your service in a way that separates you from your competition
  • Take a survey of 30 random people, not friends or family, and ask them what benefits they would want from a real estate agent.
  • Get in touch with your prospect’s motivation, listen, learn, and craft a FAB message that will have your prospect’s attention.


If you understand your prospects’ motivation and pain points then you can advertise the advantages, features, and benefits that you offer and your prospects will realize that using your service is better for their needs than any other real estate agent.

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Generate Real Estate Leads With This FAB-ULOUS Strategy!